Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sakshat Tablet PC - Indian Govt. Annouces World’s Cheapest Tablet PC

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As the whole world awaits the launch of the new magical iPhone today, the Indian government is preparing to create history by launching the world’s most affordable tablet PC.

The Sakshat Tablet PC is a low-price tablet developed by the Indian government and tested by the MIT to go into production. It will cost just INR 1500 which is approximately less than $30 – a groundbreaking and absolutely irresistible price.

While a feeble price tag may hint of pitiful technical specifications, that is not the case in reality. Of course, it may not compete with the likes of iPad, the Galaxy Tabs or the Kindle Fire, but you sure have a winner behind the stage in Sakshat tablet. Head past the break for more pictures and important details.

The Sakshat tablet features a 5/7/10-inches touchscreen display, a built-in media player, a PDF reader, a web-browser that can be used over Wi-Fi connectivity, a video conferencing camera, a built-in speaker, remote device management support, and support for multimedia input-output among other things.

The device runs Google Android OS, and will also feature Open Office as an office and productivity tool. Although, the detailed technical specifications aren’t known yet, we are sure it wouldn’t be long until we get to feast on it as well.

According to the report, the Sakshat tablet launch is datelined for October 5 i.e., tomorrow. HCL was the supposed original vendor of the tablet but allegedly lost the bid, following which the project was delayed. However, the Indian government have come up unshaken in its efforts to make this dream tablet a reality.

India is one of the leading markets of consumer electronics, but not many people can afford tablets for their children/kids – especially considering the heavy price tags for these tablets which don’t favour a kid to be using a tablet. But, with the launch of the Sakshat Android tablet, who wouldn’t want to buy one or two? Or may be four?

Featured : Minister For Communications & IT, Mr. Kapil Sibal(right) With The Sakshat Tablet

And at a INR 1500 ($30) price tag, that doesn’t seem anywhere close to impossible.  It would be a great idea to buy this tablet for your school-going siblings to help them with their education.

It can be used for watching educational tutorials, reading ebooks, online learning, using the internet as an educational resource and much more. In fact, the motive behind the launch of the tablet is to make tablets supplementing digital education available to everyone.

After all, it’s absolutely affordable and useful too. It just struck me that  you wouldn’t even find a multimedia-enabled simple phone at that price. Will you?

Considering all that, it really looks like the “sun will rise in 2011”. Doesn’t it?

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned.







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